Danilo Milovanović

Danilo Milovanović, born in 1992 in Banja Luka (B&H), where he finished primary and grammar school. He continued his education the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, where he is currently finishing his Master studies. In a meantime he studied in Prague as an exchange student, where he found a more challenging environment for his creativity. Today, he lives on relation between Ljubljana and Prague.
He is an active member of autonomous community Rog in Ljubljana, where has established non-profit gallery and has been running it for the last 3 years. This surely influenced his artistic / artivistic work, which is mainly inspired by art in public spaces and street art.
He understands public space as a wide field of opportunities for artistic or activist interventions and so-called ‘hacking’ of urban space. Therefore, he intertwines political and social as well as poetic and aesthetic elements in his work. His work is defined by simplicity, accessibility and sometimes humor.
His work was shown on solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Czech Republic.